Free Competitions Press Release

Online competitions and contests can be a great way of accumulating stuff for free, many companies hold free competitions because they are a great way for them to get publicity and showcase their products. What would you most like to own in the whole world? I bet there is an opportunity for you to win it for no cost somewhere online. is a site that finds and lists free competitions, contests and prize draws. Besides the main site which is updated regularly they also have a free members site, Facebook and Twitter profiles. Facebook and Twitter have are my favourite places to find competitions because they are usually the easiest to enter, usually all you need to do is like a page or re tweet to be entered.


Just take a look at you will find loads of great prizes on offer, if they weren’t incentive enough the site is also offering cash in 3 different free draws. You can win money by joining the members site, following them on Twitter or by liking their Facebook Page.


Not only will you get free entry into these cash draws, you will also be the first to here about great competitions. So what are you waiting for?


See more about the Facebook and Twitter Draws Here



Free Blog Platforms

Since I am making use of a freebie with this very blog, I thought I would write a quick post about free blog paltforms and which is the best.

1. This site is built using wordpress, the features of a wordpress free account include customisable design. WordPress has tons of great looking free themes you can choose from. Many popular blogs are hosted on wordpress like this CNN One – They probably have a premium account though. You are limited by space, available themes and some features when you use the free wordpress platform. You need to upgrade to get your own custom domain, more designs etc.

2. Blogger You might be wondering what a blog actually is so here is a quote from “A blog is a personal diary. A daily pulpit. A collaborative space. A political soapbox. A breaking-news outlet. A collection of links. Your own private thoughts. Memos to the world.”

Blogger is owned by Google. Lot’s of designs to choose from, more storage space than wordpress, custom designs – probably has more features though.

3. Typead Typead offer a free and premium service similar to Nice looking designs. Not as many features as the above 2 though I think.

Benefits of using a free blog platform:

1. It doesn’t cost anything
2. You have the blog on a subdomain like this site, so it means you have the power of a pr9 domain that has thousands of links pointing to it and you should be able to get Pagerank and search rankings more quickly and easily.

Of course the big disadvantage of user a free blog as opposed to hosting your own is control, for example don’t allow you to post affiliate links or advertising on your blog. So if you want to make money from your site, you really need your own self hosted site. See these Webhosting and other webmaster offers if you want to make money from your site.

Why I Love Free Stuff

It probably goes without saying I like to get things for free, who doesn’t? What’s the best thing you have ever gotten completely free?

Of course it’s often pretty hard to come accross genuine freebies, it’s more common to find money off vouchers.

Voucher codes are promotions that are offered by various companies in order to entice consumers to make a purchase of the their product. This is done by a company to increase their sales profit due to purchases by their existing customers as well as new buyers.

Sometimes a company will offer a voucher code for a certain product, not only is this done to increase their sales profit, but also to clear out any accumulated stock. For example, they are thinking about launching a newer and updated version of one of their products, therefore, they have to make way for the new release.

They will offer a voucher code for the product that is just about to be out of date. It is a very good marketing ploy. It entices new buyers who might have not been able to afford the item at the regular price.

There are certain voucher codes that are applied to shipping and some that are applied to the product itself. Often when there is a large percentage off, there is no discount on shipping. However, some online retailers offer their product lower than others and also offer a free shipping voucher as well.

Many people choose to use these voucher codes as a way to save on the cost of their purchase. They often choose to buy the item online as it does save them both time and money. Shopping online with a voucher code is very convenient as it offers the convenience of shopping from the comfort of your home.

Voucher codes can save you lots of money when you are looking for discounts on big ticketed items. Search online for voucher codes for the retailer that sells your product.